How financial advice can improve your mental health…

Financial difficulties are one of the biggest causes of poor mental health in the UK.

In fact, figures from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute show that nearly three-quarters of Brits have felt anxious in the last two weeks, with many citing money issues as the cause of their anxiety.

But a problem shared is a problem halved, so if you’re struggling under the weight of financial burdens, it’s well worth seeking professional advice.

An expert financial planner can do much more than advise you on balancing budgets and investing wisely.

They can also give you a much-needed sense of security and reassurance, so you can live your life on your terms and take control of your future.

How can a financial planner help you
Making the complex simple

Countless elements of financial planning, from setting household budgets to building savings strategies and repaying debts, can be hugely overwhelming.

After all, the terminology and technicalities can be hard to get your head around, and of course, the cost of getting it wrong puts you under added pressure.

But a financial planner will have the expertise and knowledge that you may lack, and be able to advise you from a much more informed perspective.

That can massively relieve the burden you’re experiencing, both now and in the longer term.

Giving you confidence

If you have both a better understanding of your financial situation and an expert helping you put together a plan for the future, you’ll gain a new sense of confidence over your affairs.

As a result, you can feel in control of your own destiny and empowered to make decisions.

Certainty for the future

Financial anxiety often stems from not knowing whether we’ll be able to make ends meet in later life.

Working with a financial planner helps you address this problem, as they can help you build a strategy that prepares you for retirement, makes sure you’re ready for emergencies, and puts you on course to achieve your long-term goals.

An objective viewpoint

Emotions can run high when you’re making financial decisions, particularly if your dreams and ambitions are at stake.

This can often mean you’re not in the best place mentally to make big financial decisions, and you could be swayed by your feelings into making unwise choices.

However, a financial planner doesn’t have the same emotional investment and can look at your situation in an impartial, objective way.

Knowing you have that sense of clarity available can offer valuable reassurance at a time when you’re making decisions that define your future.

If you have any questions about getting your finances in order, please get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.

You’ll find that having access to the professional advice you want and need will make a big difference to every aspect of your life.