Helping you plan for your future

Achieving financial security is about creating a framework of measures to minimise financial risk and managing your affairs in a way that secures yours as well as your family’s future.  All this, as well as minimising tax during your lifetime and upon your eventual death.

To plan for and achieve ‘Long Term Financial Security’, we encourage our clients to follow our six step plan:-

Get positive

Identify your ‘Financial Goals’ and ‘Financial Weaknesses’

Set a budget

Spend less than you earn, complete a budget planner to see where their funds are being spent.

Get protected

Protect yourself and family against financial loss with adequate ‘protection’.

Shrink your debts

Reduce debt liabilities before anything else, such as mortgage, credit card, loan etc.

Save wisely

Regularly save some surplus money to build up an emergency fund in tax efficient plans.

Review and adjust

Review your finances at least every six months and adjust accordingly.

As part of our service to clients is to help and advice on any of the six steps, all with our no obligation promise.

Richard has been our Adviser for over 10 years, he has given us friendly and impartial advice relating to our life cover, mortgage and retirement plans.  We value his professional judgement highly, he’s always available to help and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Christian Matthews, National Sales Director at Enviro Cool UK, Southport