As we all live longer making the right decisions at and in retirement is becoming increasingly important.  What vehicle do you use to provide an income, such as an annuity, capped pension drawdown or phased retirement?  We can help you through this maze to ensure you make the right decisions.

It’s not just about retirement income, you may be concerned about the financial impact on your family if you were to go into a nursing home, or the amount inheritance tax that will be paid on your death. We help you leave the assets you want to leave, to whom you want to receive them, at the right time and in the most tax effective way.

Some of the areas we cover are outlined here:

  • Maintaining suitable access to income and capital
  • Utilising tax allowances and mitigating tax liabilities
  • Protection of assets from capital depreciation
  • Protection from irresponsible beneficiaries
  • Provide a retirement cash flow forecast
  • Providing for vulnerable or minor beneficiaries
  • Making sure you pass your wealth onto your family members
  • Making sure your Will is up to date